Tuesday, June 28, 2005

House for sale...again

Well, the sale of the house fell through with the original guy. He decided to move to Texas to be with his kid. But, I am getting his mail.

From the time we relisted it, we had someone looking at it at least once a day. It sold again within one week. We should be closing on the 20th of July. So, everyone cross your fingers.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I have finally started to get settled in my new life. Scott and I have managed to be amicable most of the time. I am mostly moved into my new home. I have gotten used to the "single life" again. I can eat crackers in my bed without getting grief.

I guess the are a few unsettling things...

The sell of our house fell through. The guy decided he is moving to Texas. Good news, we get the earnest money. Bad news, we have start the sell again with an empty house. More bad news, it puts all of our other filings on hold.

Work hasn't moved, so it is still the great unknown Ogden. I will probably move before the rest of the company, at least for half days. Which is okay, but not preferred. My hours will change to 8-5 and I already have problems with 9-6.