Friday, January 21, 2011

2 Week Stats

We went to the pediatrician today for Annika's 2 week check up. The doctor says she is doing great.

Head: 34 cm, 25 percentile (So far, she doesn't have her daddy's head)
Height: 20 in, 75 percentile
Weight: 8 lbs 2.5 oz, 75 percentile

Also, here is a video of her waiting for me to finish getting ready. This is the mood she is in most of the day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Bath

Annika got her first bath, since her umbilical cord came off, today. In the womb she use to start moving around a bunch at the sound of the bath being filled. At the time, I thought she was having a party, now I think she was kicking and screaming.

Beware, there is screaming.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life By the Week

Little Miss Annika,

This is a chronicle of your time spent in my belly. Not all of it was pleasant, but I’d do it all over again because it brought me you.

By 4 weeks both your dad and I had graduated. Dad with his law degree and I got my BS in accounting. Also, you went on a lovely cruise to Alaska with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Scott.

At 4 weeks we moved to Austin, TX and found out the next day that you were coming.

Around 7 weeks we went to our first doctor's appointment and saw your little heartbeat for the first time.

At 13 Weeks we headed to Las Vegas for Kayla's 21st birthday and for Grandma's 60th birthday. It was sweltering hot and we were pretty miserable the whole trip. But, it was good to see family after 2 months.

You spent weeks 8-21 making me sick most of the time. You did not like mornings, cleaning, hunks of meat, or sweets. We spent most of this time going to the lake, movies, and doing activities that didn’t require a lot of energy.

At 17 weeks I got impatient and so we went to see if we could find out what kind of parts you were equipped with. However, you didn't want to show the goods.

At 18 weeks, you finally gave up on modesty and showed your stuff. The technician was pretty sure you were a girl. It was around this time that I thought I started feeling you move, but I wasn't sure. It felt like birds in my belly.

At 20 weeks, Grandma and Aunt Flo came to visit and we found out for sure you were a girl. But, most importantly, that you were healthy and growing normally. Mom thought for sure you would be big when you were born. Since your legs were measuring about a week ahead of your body, you can blame dad for that one, you were put in the 82 percentile.

Around 22 weeks, I was sure that what I was feeling was you. Daddy didn’t get to feel you for a couple more weeks.

At 24 weeks, we were rear ended by a city bus. It was just a small jolt and you remained well protected in my belly.

At 25 weeks, we left your dad alone on his birthday, so he could enjoy Austin City Limits. We headed to Salt Lake to visit Grandma. It was a fun trip, but a little overwhelming trying to fit in all the things we wanted to do. The good news is we hit the tail end of peach season in Utah and I was able to get the peach pie from Maddox I had been craving. Did I mention my sweet tooth came back full force around 22 weeks when you decided to let me feel like a normal person again?

It was about this time that we started to register and stock up on gear for you. One of the things they don't tell you before getting pregnant is that there are so many decisions to make when you are expecting you first child. As you will learn, I'm super indecisive, so this was really hard for me. As I have now learned, some of those decisions aren’t all that important.

At 28 weeks, to prove the sweet tooth was back, I failed the 1 hour glucose test; but, passed the 3 hour, so all is good. I celebrated with a little Halloween candy.

At 31 weeks we went to Salt Lake for 9 days. We decided to visit for Thanksgiving, since I would be on travel restriction for Christmas. While we were there Jennae threw us a wonderful baby shower. It was great to see everyone. There are so many people that loved you before you even got here. We spent more time relaxing this time and it was less overwhelming...that is until Thanksgiving. Grandma ended up with 22 people for Thanksgiving. It's always great to have that much family around, but it was stressful for Grandma. But, as always she made it through without a hitch.

We spent the next few weeks getting everything setup and ready for you. I think I've done about 15 loads of just your laundry. You are very loved and we are thankful for all the wonderful friends and family that made this possible.

At 36.5 weeks I took a bit of a spill by tripping on a speed bump....OK let’s be honest, I crashed and burned. I was pretty sure I had protected my belly and you, but the doctors wanted to be sure. They did a NST, but chose nap time and you didn't really want to wake up. So, to be double sure, they did an ultrasound. You passed with flying colors and as a bonus, you are still a girl according to the pictures. It was this time that mom’s blood pressure started to raise.

At 38.5 weeks I started having vision troubles and continued to have high blood pressure. Mommy’s doctor decided it was time for you to join the world. We checked into the hospital that same night to get things going. On Tuesday morning I started having very strong contracts and in 3.5 hours, you were here. You were born at 9:23am on January 11. Weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz and ~20in long.

Today you are a week old. We already love you so much, it feels like you have been a member of our family forever. You sleep about 98% of the day. When you want food, you are like a baby bird hunting with mouth open. Your dad particularly hates it when you cry, which you only do when you get your diaper changed, get a bath, or are hungry. You are a little piggy, you are already drinking 4-6oz in a feeding. Mommy likes this because you usually sleep 3-5 hours also. You are so perfect right now, I’m worried about messing you up. I’ll try my hardest to live up to your potential.


Mama Bird