Friday, May 20, 2011

Month 3 & 4

Dear Annika,

You are getting so big. It has been a big couple of months. We went to Utah, you got your first cold, attended your first wedding and all the stuff in between. It has been so busy I began writing this for month 3 and now it is for 3 and 4.

Utah was great! You were a perfect angel on the plane. Everyone doted over you, they love you so much. Your dad gave you a beautiful blessing that gives me great hope for your future. Grandma made you a beautiful blessing dress and you looked beautiful in it. There were so many people at the house after that you could hardly move. I’m amazed at all the love that someone who has only been around for such a short period of time can bring.

The unfortunate part about Utah is I came home with a cold that you got a couple days later. Along with the cold you got an ear infection. I worried about you non-stop, but your dad keeps reminded me that it will just make you stronger. I just couldn’t wait for you to get better.

Grandma and Aunt Flo came to visit for Easter. We did a lot of running around and as usual you were a gem. You met the Easter bunny for the first time and you were not about to smile, but you didn’t scream. So, I consider that a success.

Around 3.5 months you started giggling. It is about the cutest thing ever. It makes me forget all my cares in the world and enjoy the small moments.

At 4 months you still hate tummy time and refuse to roll over. However, you have great neck stability. You are dying to sit up. You love to stand. I’m sure rolling over is just around the corner. We tried rice cereal on May 11 and you hated it. Also, you are trying to blow raspberries. You can’t quite get it yet, but you are close.

You are such a people watcher. You are happy to sit on our laps or in your stroller and just watch the world around you.

Oh how I miss having you in my belly and with me every second of the day. I’m learning to mourn the pieces of you we lose as you get older and look forward to the pieces we will gain. Buffy said the other day you are like vitamin sunshine and it is very good definition. You bring sunshine to my life every day and I couldn’t imagine it without you.

Month 3

Month 4 Stats

Length: 26", 95th percentile

Weight: 15lb 3oz, 75th percentile

Head: 42.5cm