Sunday, July 29, 2007

Since We Last Met

Nate Graduated with his bachelors in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies and some other random certificates. The day after Nate graduated we moved into my parents basement to live while Nate goes to law school.

We were sealed in the Logan Temple. It was a wonderful day, we were surronded with many family and friends.

Linz, Josh, and Josiah came to visit and stayed for the sealing. It was fun to see her, I miss her already.

This also proved a good excuse to see Holly, Jared, Elizabeth, and Anna(in belly).
We have had a very busy summer. I have been going to school, I'm trying to finish as soon as possible; as even with summer semester, it will take years. We are spending a lot of time in Bear Lake utilizing the house because they are selling it. And, we went to Portland to visit Eliot and Sylvie before the baby is born.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BYU vs Utah

Nate has decide on BYU, well actually he decided long ago, but I've been busy so I haven't had a chance to do an update.

There are many reasons for this decision, higher ranking, full tuition scholarship, but the most important is the BYU made him feel wanted. They are very well organized and take the time to make it feel like they really want you to go to their school. Utah accepted him and gave him a little bit of money, but it ended there. So, Nate will be a Cougar.

I, however, will continue to be a Ute. And, if we were football watchers, we would still root for Utah.

Hopefully, more updates will be coming soon.