Monday, July 25, 2005


The house is finally sold and out of Scott and I's names.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Home Sweet...Hell?

My little home that was bought a little over two years ago has become somewhat of a hell for me.

First, it was sold. Scott left for vacation and left anything that he didn't want in the garage for me to take care of. It was a full truck load to the DI and four weeks of garbage. Also, since the sale fell through and he was out of town, I had to fully clean the house.

Next, it is for sale again. This time we need to paint the brown and teal walls. Scott is still out of town. So, my parents went and painted it for us. I'm very thankful for that.

Then, it sales again. This lady is a pain. So far, I have recleaned the carpets, tightened every face plate in the kitchen, changed lightbulbs, and swept the garage. It doesn't end here. She wanted the yellow wall painted. So, my mom and Nate helped to get that wall painted.

Finanlly, the closing. Lets just hope that everything goes smoothly with that. Thankfully I have my mom because it wouldn't haven't gotten taken care of without her and I.

So, a short story long, the dream first home has now turned into a thorn in my side.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

How old is my boss?

School...Financial Aid...

So, I've played with the idea of going back to school. My new office is about 2 minutes from Weber, so I can go at lunch.

But, let me tell you, it is a pain. First, you have to apply. Then, you have to get transcripts from every school you've gone to. Then, once you've been accepted you dive into financial aid. This is where the pain lies. They look at your 2004 taxes, which I haven't filed, fortunately they just need the information from the worksheets. I have gotten those prepared. Well, then there is the issue that my status has changed from the 2004 taxes. For one, I'm no longer a two income family or a family at all. For two, I have different job. and for three, I'm no longer a home owner(keep your fingers crossed). Well, rather than having a section in the FAFSA form for change of status/income; you have to file a amendment form. Sounds like no big deal. Wrong, you have to do it in person. So, I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to drive to Ogden to fill out a form. It is all such a pain, I should get money just for my time spent applying for it.

And by the way, I have discovered that financial aid is a word only for those not working or not working a "real world" job. For the rest of the world, the word is student loan. The kicker here, you have to fill out the FAFSA form to get a student loan. They determine how much you should pay out of your pocket and then you can apply for the loans to see if they will cover the rest. The whole process is a little crazy, they take a previous years income and don't count expenses and then they tell you what you can afford to pay.

Big Sky Country...not Lindsey's

So, I went to Big Sky country this weekend, unfortunately not to visit Lindsey. But, I will hopefully do that Labor day weekend.

While there I went on 2 hikes, I know, I'm not usually a hiker. There were promises of some really pretty waterfalls, which there were. In total I hiked 4 miles. Festus is still recovering. This is him trying to navigate the rocks.

Nate's sister, whom we went to visit, does jewelry there. You can check it out at I really like her stuff. Her husband works for the forrest sevice, which is why they live there.

The best part, or so I thought, is there are casinos in Montana. Okay, not so great, they are full of old people gaming, video poker and keno. No fun slots or even live tables. I did eat some good food and do some good shopping. It was nice to get away for a bit.